Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100 causes undocumented issues, blocks some apps

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Windows 11 24H2 has been available to Windows Insiders for nearly a year, and Build 26100 is believed to be a potential RTM candidate, but the preview is currently buggy, and you should avoid running it on your main gig. Users are reporting broken features and BSODs after installing the new build.

As noted by Microsoft watcher Zac Bowden, the Windows 11 24H2 update resulted in a BSOD on his device while performing a system reset. As you’re probably aware, the “Reset this PC’ feature is supposed to be a rescue mechanism to fix OS issues, but it failed to work.

In another tweet, Zac shared that the swipe gesture on touch-screen devices has launched Copilot instead of the notification centre. It is unsurprising because Microsoft recently turned off the Show desktop icon to make room for the Copilot icon on the Taskbar, but that doesn’t seem enough to push AI.

Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100 BSOD
Image Courtesy: Zac Bowden

Developer Albacore had several problems with his device. When trying to debug his code in Visual Studio, it didn’t work. This showed that there might be an issue with the support for 64-bit .NET applications in Windows 11. To find out more, he looked at the Event Viewer and saw an error message labelled ‘Event 1000, Application Error’.

The app encountered issues when launching on a VMware virtual machine. When the VMware 3D acceleration was active, it threw a warning and encountered a BSOD with the “PFN SHARE COUNT” stop code.

Windows 11 version 24H2 seems to be quite buggy at the moment, but it will improve as Microsoft begins rolling out monthly cumulative updates to testers. These updates will address the issues, but it may take some time for version 24H2 to become stable for everyone.

Explorer Patcher fails to work in build 26100

Microsoft is also blocking certain versions of some apps on Windows 11 Build 26100 as part of its efforts to reduce issues, which is a good move.

Windows 11 build 26100 displays the Program Incompatibility Assistant window, blaming Explorer Patcher for security and performance issues. However, it does mention that you can check and install an updated version of the app, which means that developers can fix the issues.

Previously, StartAllBack also failed to work properly on Windows. Since this is a test build, the apps might work again after developers release a patch. Meanwhile, you have to stick with the basic customization that Windows 11 offers.

Despite the new design, users didn’t appreciate the locked taskbar, inconsistent dark mode, and other missing or half-baked features. Although customization apps can address some of these issues, they are currently blocked due to compatibility issues.

We hope Microsoft will consider reintroducing some old features, such as the ability to freely move the taskbar.

Microsoft did restore the drag-and-drop support to the File Explorer’s Taskbar in version 24H2, which it removed with Windows 11 23H2.

It’s unclear when the company will focus on addressing the core feedback, but it goes without saying that Copilot is the primary focus of the company, as it expects AI to be a major selling point of new PCs.

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