Microsoft clarifies Windows 10 paid update for consumers will be revealed later

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Windows 10 will reach the end of support on October 14, 2025, but you can extend support by paying an annual fee. Ahead of the deadline, Microsoft has shared details of Windows 10 extended updates, which may cost up to $61 for enterprises. The company told me that it would share pricing with regular consumers later. $61 is only for businesses.

Microsoft’s blog post titled “When to use Windows 10 Extended Security Updates” outlines several approaches to extended security updates, including $61 on a per-customer per PC basis and up to $45 for businesses that use Microsoft’s Intune or AutoPatch. Initially, some users believed the same pricing would apply to regular customers, but that’s not the case.

I reached out to Microsoft to seek clarification over pricing for Windows 10 Extended Security Updates, and the company told me these solutions are only for Commercial Organizations and EDU customers. It’s unclear when the pricing for regular consumers will revealed, but the company shared the following note:

The details and pricing structure outlined in this post apply to commercial organizations only. Details will be shared at a later date for consumers and home users on our consumer end of support page. Educational organizations can find tailored information about Windows 10 end of support in the Microsoft Education Blog.

Microsoft has also updated its original announcement post with the above note.

According to Windows 10’s end-of-support page, the extended security update paid program for regular customers will begin rolling out only when the OS is closer to its October 2025 date.

“Final pricing and enrolment conditions will be made available closer to the October 2025 date for end of support,” Microsoft said.

It is possible the company is going to wait and see how many consumers have upgraded to Windows 11 ahead of the end-of-support deadline and then decide the final pricing for Windows 10 security updates.

It’s also worth noting that Windows 10 won’t get new features beginning October 2025 whether or not you subscribe to extended security updates license.

The ESU will allow your device to get critical and important security updates, and you’ll need to renew the license every year. Your license would be linked to your Microsoft account.

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