Hands on: Windows 11 version 24H2 LTSC Build 26100 leaks online

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Microsoft has been actively working on an LTSC version of Windows 11 version 24H2, which is expected to debut in September or October. LTSC, also known as Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), is typically considered the most stable and reliable operating system, with fewer new feature updates, ads, and bloatware.

An early build of Windows 11 24H2 LTSC was previously spotted in February. Today, folks at BetaWorld (a Chinese forum) have leaked Build 26100 of Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC 2024. What’s particularly interesting is that the leaked Windows 11 24H2 is Build 26100, which is believed to be one of the final (RTM) candidates.

In our tests, we observed that Windows 11 24H2 LTSC will be offered in multiple editions, including Enterprise LTSC, IoT (Internet of Things) Enterprise LTSC, and IoT Enterprise Subscription LTSC (this doesn’t mean Microsoft is turning Windows into a subscription-based OS for consumers).

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise Subscription LTSC is a special version for businesses, but we’re still figuring out how it’s different from the regular version.

Windows 11 Enterprise LTSC

A new Windows Setup experience is included in Windows 11 24H2, but the installation process is still the same. Microsoft isn’t making dramatic changes, and you can still sign in without your Microsoft account. You can also create a local account by selecting Domain Join instead.

Windows 11 LTSC OOBE

We also spotted that the Copilot button is pinned to the right side of the taskbar, but this doesn’t confirm Windows 11 LTSC will ship with the AI feature turned on by default. It’s a leaked preview build, and things are always subject, so it wouldn’t be fair to make conclusions based on leaked builds.

And if LTSC does ship with Copilot, you can always turn it off using Group Policy Editor.

Windows 11 LTSC with Copilot

The leak also shows that a new version of Outlook, looking like the website Outlook.com, will replace the old email apps in LTSC.

Windows 11 LTSC lands this fall

With Microsoft ending support for various Windows 10 versions by October 2025, the new Windows 11 LTSC is coming soon. Windows 10 LTSC versions from 2019 and 2021 will still be supported until January 2029 and January 2027. Windows 11 LTSC will give companies a system they can rely on for at least ten years.

Microsoft will share more details about Windows 11 LTSC 2024 closer to its release, keeping everyone ready and informed of the update. Also, please do not install the leaked preview build of the LTSC. It can be buggy, and the Windows 11 2024 Update isn’t completely ready until September.

Special thanks to PhantomOfEarth for the heads-up via one of his X posts.

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