Intel releases January 2024 drivers updates for Windows 11, Windows 10 with BSOD fixes

Peer Networks UK Windows Latest Intel releases January 2024 drivers updates for Windows 11, Windows 10 with BSOD fixes

Intel has released January 2024 driver updates for Windows 11 and Windows 10 for graphics and wireless adapters. Intel Arc and Iris Xe have received graphics driver version, while the Core Ultra graphics driver remains at version This update, which includes both drivers, results in a file package of about 1 GB.

January 2024 update supports the 14th generation of Intel Core S/HX processors and improves gameplay for “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” on the Intel Arc A series. However, this update might not be crucial for those not using the latest CPU or playing the specific game, as it introduces new issues rather than fixing existing ones.

As per the release notes, if you play “Alan Wake 2” (DX12), some of you might notice discolouration when Transparency is set to Off. Intel says the workaround is setting Transparency to Low or High. In our tests, we also noticed problems when playing Dead by Daylight, but Intel is already aware of the problem.

Similarly, Intel is also aware of an issue where “Topaz Video AI” could encounter errors with some video enhancement models. In rare cases, Intel Smooth Sync might not work correctly with some DX11 games.

Intel’s January 2024 Wi-Fi driver fixes the long-standing bugs

Intel has published new January 2024 Wi-Fi drivers for Windows, version and Bluetooth drivers, version These updates include the Wi-Fi 7 driver, designed for Windows 11, with limited functionality on Windows 10.

According to the release notes, Intel has also fixed an issue that causes the Blue Screen of Death error on Windows 11 systems, but this issue occurs only when forwarding HT traffic under heavy load.

The chipmaker fixed an issue where the “No Wi-Fi networks found” bug affects systems using Miracast with a Bluetooth LE headset connected.

Other bug fixes include:

  • System Event ID errors 5002 and 5010 after resuming from standby/hibernation/restart.
  • The Bluetooth driver 23.20.0 has also been updated for better functionality. However, users might encounter an error message during installation stating, “Your access rights are not sufficient to read this folder,” regardless of admin rights. A correction for this issue is awaited.

How to get the January 2024 Intel driver update

Intel says anyone can download these drivers using its Driver and Support Assistant (iDSA) tool, but if these updates are critical enough, they will ship via Windows Update.

The important Intel drivers ship via Windows Update when OEMs approve them. However, if you can’t wait for the update to pop up in Windows Update, you can follow these steps to install the drivers manually:

  • Download and install the Driver and Support Assistant (DSA) tool, and open the Update Assistant app.
  • You’ll find the assistant app in the system tray of the Windows taskbar.
  • Finally, click “Check for updates” and download the driver.

As always, if these drivers break your device, you can revert to the previous version using Device Manager.

While Intel has already published the first driver update of the year, AMD and Nvidia haven’t shipped major changes since the December 2023 updates.

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