Windows 10 KB5040427 adds the Copilot app, fixes Taskbar woes (direct download links)

Peer Networks UK Windows Latest Windows 10 KB5040427 adds the Copilot app, fixes Taskbar woes (direct download links)

July 2024’s monthly security update KB5040427 is now available for Windows 10 PCs. This security update patches multiple flaws in the OS, including the Taskbar’s jump list bug we covered a few weeks back. It also adds the Copilot app to the soon-to-be-obsolete OS.

KB5040427 will automatically begin downloading and installing on your PCs. If it doesn’t do so, you must manually check for updates by navigating to Settings > Security & Updates and clicking the Check for updates button.

Alternatively, you can download the offline installer (.msu) file from Microsoft’s Update Catalog site.

Your Windows 10 PC will upgrade to build 19044.4651 after installing this update. Before discussing this update’s new features and bug fixes, let’s discuss the direct download links.

Download Links for KB5040427

KB5040427 is available for Windows 10 22H2 PCs and some 21H2 editions PCs.

Visit this official update catalog page to download the appropriate offline installer for your PC.

New features included with KB5040427

Copilot used to be a sidebar affair in Windows, but now, you can enjoy the complete Copilot app experience instead of having it tucked in a corner.

Microsoft unveiled the Copilot app for Copilot+ PCs in May 2024 and then added it to Windows 11 later. Copilot will behave like a normal Windows app. You can pin it to the Taskbar, snap it, and resize it to your heart’s content.

The new UI neatly organizes everything in the left-hand side menu, from where you can access plugins. When it debuted, it looked similar to ChatGPT.

Note that the Copilot app is rolling out gradually, and you might not see it immediately after installing the update.

Bug Fixes

The KB5040427 fixes the annoying Taskbar issue in Windows 10. Earlier, when you clicked on an option in the jump list, it failed to execute. But now, the feature works fine.

Microsoft has also patched the right-click issue in some apps. After selecting an option from the context menu, the “Open with” dialog box launched instead of running the selected task.

KB5039211 issues
Left side shows normal/expected taskbar behaviour. Right side shows open with menu launching incorrectly

That being said, Microsoft has yet to release a patch for two existing bugs.

Known Issues

The profile picture bug is here to stay. Even after repeated monthly security updates, Microsoft has yet to find a solution. Whenever you change your profile picture, an error message pops up with the 0x80070520 code.

Note that the profile picture change was successful, but Windows 10 incorrectly displayed an error message.

Another flagged issue affects enterprise systems and forces them to download updates via the public internet. It first appeared in January 2024’s optional update, and as per the official update document, Microsoft is working on solutions.

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