Microsoft says Windows 11 24H2 will address animation stuttering

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Windows 11 version 24H2 is set to arrive in September or October, but it’s still under development, which means there are several rough edges. Microsoft is trying to patch the underlying performance issues in Windows 11, including a bug that could cause some users to experience stuttering when they interact with features like “Task View.”

Windows 11’s stuttering bug has been around for a while now, and it has gotten worse with newer updates. It turns out Microsoft is aware of the reports and has developed a fix, which is now rolling out to testers in the Release Preview Channel.

In a Feedback Hub post spotted by Windows Latest, Task View previews and some animations aren’t working well, freezing, sticking, or not opening. This issue has been flagged by users several times, and Microsoft delivered the initial fix through Windows 11 Build 26227, available only to testers in the Canary channel.

Microsoft has now confirmed the fix is now available for Windows 11 version 24H2 through Build 26100.994 (KB5039304) in the Release Preview Channel.

“This update addresses an issue believed to be the underlying cause of some Insiders noticing stutters in some animations recently (dropping frames), particularly with Task View,” Microsoft noted in a support document. For now, the patch is available for Windows 11 24H2, but the issue has also been observed in older versions.

Windows 11 animations can be slow and buggy and stutter on some PCs, particularly those with Intel PCs on battery.

Windows 11 24H2 also improves Quick Settings performance

In addition to fixes for the taskbar and Task view stuttering, Microsoft has improved the performance of the Quick Settings interface. After Windows 11 24H2, you will notice that Quick Settings will open faster and won’t lag as much as it does in Windows 11 23H2 or older.

Microsoft has also turned on paginated scrolling for the Quick Settings interface.

The overall functionality remains unchanged, which means you can still customize the Quick Settings. Another change allows you to refresh your Wi-Fi list when you drag the list.

These changes will begin rolling out to everyone with Windows 11 24H2 in September/October.

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