Microsoft confirms multiple issues in Windows 11’s 2024 security updates

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Windows 11 updates arrive twice each month and sometimes contain bugs. We previously covered three significant issues with the April 2024 security update, some of which were resolved with the May 2024 optional update.

Now, three new issues have crept into Windows 11. It includes a problem with the Windows 11 edition update, the Photos app failing to start, and Cross Device Experience Host’s (CDEH) high CPU usage. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Windows 11 Pro users cannot upgrade to Enterprise

After installing the KB5036893 update (April’s security update), Windows 11 Pro users couldn’t upgrade to the Enterprise edition. The update operation failed, and the Task Scheduler reported an Access Denied Error with the error code 0x80070005.

This issue wasn’t reported on the official update page when we discussed the problems with the April 2024 security update. Microsoft has recently updated all the pages to reflect this underlying issue.

After three successive security updates released in April, May, and June 2024, the problem persists. Microsoft is still working to fix the issue and might release a fix with the June 2024 optional update or later.

Photos app fails to start

If you have recently updated the Microsoft Photos app from the Windows store on or after June 4, 2024, you might experience launch issues. The app won’t launch properly, displays a loading screen, and then crashes abruptly.

Microsoft updated its official release health page to inform about this issue, which exists in the Photos app version 2024.11050.29009.0 and newer ones.

This issue occurs when you enable either the Prevent non-admin users from installing packaged Windows apps policy or its Configuration Service provider (CSP) equivalent policy, BlockNonAdminUserInstall.

Both of these scenarios need a policy tweak, which is why Windows 11 Home users remain unaffected. Meanwhile, this update has plagued all client editions of Windows 11 (22H2 and 23H2).

Since Microsoft reported and listed this issue on the health page on 18th June 2024, it might take a few weeks to resolve, possibly with the next optional update.

Cross Device Experience Host’s (CDEH) high CPU usage

Cross Device Experience Host is an additional package that helps your PC and Phone communicate better. Recently released features like “Use as a connected camera” and “Get new photo notifications” rely on it.

new managed mobile settings in windows 11

However, many users have been experiencing high CPU usage with this process in the Windows 11 build.

A Microsoft engineer responded to this issue on the Feedback Hub and assured that the company was working on a fix.

We’re glad that Microsoft patched the infamous “Profile picture bug,” which produced an error while changing the picture with the KB5037853 update.

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