AMD rolls out Windows 11 24H2 update support

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Windows 11 24H2 is set to begin shipping in the second half of September or early October on Intel and AMD PCs. Ahead of the rollout, AMD has just shipped a new Ryzen driver that adds support for Windows 11 24H2. In our tests, Windows Latest observed that these drivers test early support for WDDM 3.2 (Windows Display Device Driver).

According to the official release notes, AMD Ryzen has added support for “Windows 11 version 24H2” and fixed some bugs. The main highlight of the new Ryzen update is WDDM 3.2 support. While Microsoft has yet to share the details, Windows Latest has learned everything about the new features in WDDM 3.2

WDDM 3.2 introduces several changes, particularly optimizing GPU and NPU usage in cloud-based scenarios. It is worth noting that NPU optimization applies only to PCs with dedicated NPU chips. In addition to NPU optimizations, a notable feature is dirty bit tracking, which boosts VRAM data transfer performance.

These changes are available only for Windows 11 24H2 with WDDM 3.2 and Ryzen Here’s the full list of improvements:

  • Full support for migration of heterogeneous GPU-P compute devices.
  • WDDM 3.2 also adds a GPU native fence synchronization object. This allows GPU wait on monitored fence value without relying on the CPU.
  • Power savings improvements.
  • An extended D3D12 video encoding DDI to support AV1 encoding.
  • Better methods for user-mode or kernel-mode graphics drivers to check if a WDDM feature is supported and enabled.
  • Enhanced TDR (timeout detection and recovery) debugging to provide more details about TDR events.

You can download the AMD Ryzen drivers using the AMD app, or you can also head to the company’s website, where you’ll find direct links to the drivers.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has already shipped Windows 11 24H2 for Copilot+ PCs, but it warned that those on Intel and AMD PCs will need to wait.

While Microsoft will not comment on the release date, I’m told the Windows 11 2024 Update will be ready for Intel and AMD PCs in September/October.

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