Windows 10 KB5037849 brings Windows 11-like Android integration

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Windows 10 is supposed to be on the back burner, but that doesn’t appear to be the case after Panos Panay’s departure. After installing Windows 10 KB5037849, I noticed that Microsoft added Windows 11’s Mobile Devices feature to Windows 10, giving you instant access to photos you captured on your phone.

You’ll notice a new “Mobile devices” setting after installing Windows 10 KB5037849, which is rolling out via Windows update as an optional patch and is also available on the Microsoft Update Catalog. This feature was first added to Windows 11, and it’s now rolling out to Windows 10.

Cross Device Experience Host
Manage Devices settings downloadsCross Device Experience Host in Windows 10 | Image Courtesy:

As shown in the screenshot above, when you toggle the feature, you’ll first be asked to “Download and install Cross-Device Experience Host” from the Microsoft Store. You’ll also need a Microsoft account to get started, but this feature doesn’t require setting up a Phone Link.

Manage mobile devices settings

After linking your phone and Microsoft account, you can click “Manage Devices” to enable “Get new photo notifications” feature.

Manage mobile devices in Windows 10
Manage mobile devices in Windows 10 | Image Courtesy:

For now, this integration is limited to photos, and you’ll only get a new notification whenever you capture a screenshot on your Android phone.

Your mobile photos will automatically appear as a notification on Windows 10, and you can open the notification in a Snipping Tool.

Windows 10 and Android integration
Windows 10 and Android integration | Image Courtesy:

For example, when I clicked the notification after capturing a screenshot on my Galaxy S23, the screenshot automatically appeared in the Snipping Tool. I can edit the screenshot using the Snipping Tool, open it in Paint, or share it with other people using Windows Share.

Windows 10 instant access to Android photos
You can edit screenshots captured | Image Courtesy:

This new experience is called “Mobile devices” and is separate from the Phone Link app, which includes advanced features.

What’s particularly interesting is that the feature was previously exclusive to Windows 11, but it’s now coming to Windows 10. It’s included in the optional May 2024 patch and everyone will get it in mandatory June 2024 Patch Tuesday.

Use Phone as Web Camera in Windows 11
Use Phone as Web Camera in Windows 11

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is also experimenting with the ability to use your mobile device as a web camera in Windows 11, but it’s unclear if the feature will eventually come to Windows 10.

Other improvements in Windows 10 KB5037849

Windows 10 KB5037849 isn’t a big release, but there are several bug fixes.

I also spotted that Microsoft has updated the official support documentation to confirm the addition of the “Mobile Devices” tool.

According to the support document, Microsoft has fixed an issue where Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps may fail to work.

You can download the KB5037849 update with Android integration and other fixes from Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.

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