Microsoft Copilot app spotted in Windows Server 2022, but it does nothing for now

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Microsoft Edge is quietly adding a Copilot app to Windows machines, and Windows Server 2022 is the latest target. Previously, a full-fledged Copilot was added to Windows Server 2025 preview builds, but Microsoft pulled the AI feature without telling us anything about it.

It is important to understand that Microsoft isn’t adding the full-fledged Copilot to Windows Server 2022, but it has added one of the web-based shortcuts responsible for some of the OS’s AI features.

If you’re using Windows Server 2022 or any other edition of Windows, you’ll find the new Microsoft Copilot app (shortcut) under the Apps & Features page. It is only 8 KB in size, while the same app on consumer editions (Windows 11 and 10) is 16 KB.

Many users wondered what an app like Copilot was doing on a Windows Server PC. It is of absolutely no use to anyone on a Windows Server machine. You cannot search it using the Start Menu or launch it from anywhere.

copilot app uninstallation in Windows 11 and Windows server 2022

Windows Latest understands Copilot app showing up in Windows Server could be a mistake, and not an intended behaviour.

Microsoft told Windows Latest that the Copilot app is added using Microsoft Edge, so if the app is installed on your device, it’s likely you’ve updated Edge to v123 or newer.

Fortunately, you can disable the newest entry of bloatware from Microsoft by configuring a Group Policy.

To disable it, navigate to the User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Copilot > Turn off Windows Copilot policy. Still, Windows Server 2022 users have more control over the app.

Windows Latest previously reported about this tiny Copilot app “sneaking” into the operating system. On consumer editions, Microsoft doesn’t recommend removing it because it will enable some AI features in the future.

Still, adding it to Windows Server editions doesn’t make sense, and the new addition is not mentioned in the official documentation.

Copilot could become a moneymaker in the long run, and Microsoft is now all in on the AI trend. After integrating AI into Bing and Windows, it wants to create a new breed of AI PCs.

2024 will be the year of AI PCs

Copilot is omnipresent in Windows 11, the Edge browser, and the Taskbar. But Microsoft wants to take it a step further!

Apart from the usual software-based AI features like changing settings and analyzing and summarising data and images, more features will work natively. Upcoming Windows features like AI Explorer will need an NPU, the USP of the forthcoming AI PCs.

Microsoft even added a dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard to make the AI PCs stand out.

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