Windows 11 2024 Update spotted in WSUS ahead of Snapdragon X mid-2024 launch

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Windows 11 2024 Update (24H2) is currently available to Windows Insiders only, and it is being prepared for Snapdragon X Elite PCs, which are set to arrive in mid-2024. Ahead of the mid-2024 launch, some users noticed on the MDL forum that Microsoft is testing version 24H2 on WSUS.

After a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) query, the code snippet result revealed that Microsoft could soon finalize the version 24H2 update release candidate. For those unaware, WSUS is a tool that admins use to manage updates on all connected Windows PCs.

Windows 11 2024 Update on WSUS
Version 24H2 reference on WSUS | Screenshot courtesy:

As shown in the above screenshot, the code snippet reveals that the update is meant for Windows 11, Windows 11 Client S (PCs in S mode), and Windows Server. Microsoft has internally created a “version 24H2” category on WSUS, which suggests the final candidate is near.

Windows Latest also previously reported that the 24H2 will hit RTM soon, which will allow PC makers to test the OS on their upcoming and existing devices.

Another sign that confirms that the Windows 11 2024 Update (24H2) RTM is near is the lack of a technical preview build watermark in newer builds like 26090. To be clear, Build 26090 is not an RTM candidate, but Microsoft has removed the watermark from the desktop, which again implies the final release candidate is around the corner.

Windows 11 2024 Update has a two-phase rollout

Now, here’s the thing: You won’t be able to install the update on your existing hardware until September or October.

The first phase of the Windows 11 24H2 release will be exclusive to AI-powered PCs like the new Surface ARM devices and upcoming Snapdragon X Elite devices. They will come with the latest version of Windows 11, including deeply embedded Copilot, a dedicated Copilot keyboard key, and other AI features.

After that, Microsoft will release the remaining features in the second phase, which could be in September/October. PCs with Intel and AMD chips will also get Windows 11 2024 Update in September/October.

With this version update, it becomes abundantly clear that some new features won’t work on current-gen PCs.

Some of the most hyped features, like the AI Explorer, may need an NPU to offer the best performance.

Microsoft prepares AI PCs

intel core ultra processor with NPU
Image Courtesy: Intel

Microsoft has already unveiled a new Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 with Intel Core Ultra (NPU-based) processors. With a custom NPU chip onboard, the processors will provide the power to natively run Copilot and other NPU-reliant features.

On the other, the true AI PC with Snapdragon X Elite is rumoured to launch in June 2024, along with some Windows 11 24H2 AI features. Like Intel Ultra and AMD Ryzen, the new Snapdragon processors also have the NPU.

Moreover, Microsoft expects ARM to become the future of computing due to its efficiency and performance. However, the early June release 24H2 for Snapdragon X-powered devices won’t come with all the features.

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