Windows February 2024 Update causes taskbar to disappear

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February 2024 update for Windows 11 and Windows 10 is causing havoc on some PCs. As per reports, Windows 11’s February 2024 update causes the taskbar to disappear or crash after users log in. This issue appears to affect Windows 10 KB5034763 and Windows 11 KB5034765.

According to sources familiar with the development, Microsoft is investigating reports of an issue where the taskbar fails to load on some systems.

One of our users explained that after installing Windows 10 KB5034763, their taskbar fails to display the Windows Security, Sound, Network icons, or any other tray icons that usually appear in the system tray.

Additionally, pinned apps are not loading, which is expected when the taskbar is missing. In a Feedback Hub, users have flagged similar problems, with one stating the taskbar does not show app icons like Wi-Fi and sound, forcing them to rely on shortcuts like Alt+Tab to navigate between apps.

Others have mentioned delays in loading the taskbar and entering their PIN at the login screen.

The Taskbar disappeared on Windows 11 after the February 2024 update

On Windows 11, similar issues have been reported, with one of our readers explaining that the taskbar disappears when the desktop and shortcuts appear.

In a Reddit thread, some users have reported that uninstalling Windows 11 KB5034765 does resolve the problem, but this is not a good idea for everyone. That’s because KB5034765 is a security update, and it contains important bug fixes, which may be particularly important in the workspace.

It is worth noting that despite attempts to fix the issue through methods like restarting File Explorer, running Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM), System File Checker (SFC), and even registry tweaks, the problem persists.

Windows 11 February 2024 Update
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Windows Latest was able to reproduce the bug on Windows 11, but the issue was resolved after I reinstalled the update. Reinstalling cumulative updates is a straightforward process in Windows 11

You can reinstall an update in Windows 11 by removing it, rebooting the system, checking for updates, and rebooting the system again after Windows downloads the patch.

One user noted that creating a new user account seems to bring back the taskbar, but I don’t think that would work for everyone.

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