Windows 11 KB5032283 (beta channel) integrates WhatsApp into share menu

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KB5032283 (Build 22635.2841) integrates WhatsApp into Windows 11’s built-in share menu, allowing you to share pictures, videos or documents quickly.

In Windows 11 Build 22635.2841 or newer, you will notice a new share window menu that supports WhatsApp. For example, when you select an image in the Photos app or File Explorer and select Share, you can choose WhatsApp. The share menu was previously limited to select apps like Outlook, but it’s finally getting more options.

When the Windows share menu detects that you don’t have WhatsApp installed, it will attempt to download it from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft says the process is automated and should be seamless, with plans to expand the integration to more apps or make the OS controls easily accessible to the developers.

WhatsApp in Windows 11 share menu
WhatsApp in Windows 11 share menu

Microsoft has also improved how Windows handles the Nearby share feature. Starting Build 22635.2841, Microsoft will automatically enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you try to turn on nearby share. Similarly, nearby share will turn off when you toggle off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as the feature requires both connections to work.

These changes are available with KB5032283 in the Beta channel. Beta is considered one of the most stable channels in the Windows Insider Program.

For those unaware, a Windows update or its features go from one channel to another based on the testing results from the previous channel. For example, if the feature is stable in the Dev or Canary channel and ready for the next release, it is typically tested in the Beta channel.

Finally, suppose a feature like the Share menu is tested by more users, and it still has enough positive feedback. In that case, it may be directly shipped to the production via monthly updates or the Release Preview channel.

In this case, there’s a chance features like the WhatsApp share menu will arrive in the production channel via a monthly update. If it doesn’t, it will ship as part of Windows 11 Moment 5 in February.

KB5032283 kills Steps Recorder

In addition to all the good stuff, KB5032283 also ships with some unfortunate news.

Starting with the beta update, you will notice a new banner when you open Windows 7-era troubleshooter or screen recorder app ‘Steps Recorder’.

The warning reminds users that Steps Recorder (PSR.exe) is going away in a future release of Windows, and you should move to a modern alternative, such as Snipping Tool, Game Bar or Clipchamp.

This month’s beta update also fixes several bugs, including an issue causing a Task Manager to crash.

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