Windows 11’s new web-based Outlook is finally getting offline support

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Microsoft is finally testing Offline support in Outlook for Windows 11. At least one of our accounts has been updated with offline support, a feature that has been missing on Windows 11’s new Outlook app.

For those unaware, Microsoft finally shipped a new version of Outlook for Windows 11 in September. Based on and Microsoft Edge WebView, the new Outlook is generally available after several leaks and public testing, which began in May 2022 with users in the Beta channel.

Microsoft has already rolled out support for Gmail accounts in Outlook and is now testing ‘Offline support’. As you probably know, the new Outlook is based on and entirely dependent on Microsoft Edge. As a result, Outlook 2.0 doesn’t work offline, but a new update seemingly changes the behaviour.

What’s new for Outlook on Windows 11

In a move that many users have eagerly anticipated, the new iteration of Outlook for Windows is being updated with offline support. This update ensures that features like mail, calendar entries, and contacts are stored directly on the device, making them accessible even without an internet connection.

Apart from mere viewing, this offline support has expanded to include core mail features. You can now tag emails, transfer them to different folders, and delete them, all without being tethered to the internet. The compose function also joins this roster, allowing users to draft emails even when offline.

Moreover, the next version of Outlook is expected to streamline the process of accessing attachments. Double-clicking on attachments like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files will now launch them directly in their dedicated desktop applications.

The integration of Microsoft’s AI assistant, Copilot, into Outlook, brings forth a suite of smart functionalities.

Copilot is crafted to make email management smoother and more efficient. It can help you summarise content so you can quickly reply to mails. But it doesn’t stop there. The AI assistant can draft messages, suggest potential action items, and even provide guidance on fine-tuning the tone and length of messages to maximize impact.

And the best part? This suite of features isn’t limited to just the Windows platform. Outlook for Mac, web, iOS, and Android will all benefit from Copilot’s capabilities.

With these enhancements, Microsoft aims to bolster productivity in Outlook, allowing users to work efficiently regardless of their connectivity status.

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