Microsoft could use AI to make your Windows 11 desktop background exciting

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Windows Copilot is not the only AI-powered feature coming to Windows 11. According to internal documents seen by Windows Latest, Microsoft is testing at least one AI-powered feature that could revolutionize how users interact with the desktop. This is the tech giant’s latest effort to make the desktop more interactive.

As we all know, Microsoft is betting big on AI. From Bing to Microsoft Edge to Azure and now Windows 11, all products are moving to an AI-centric future.

Another new feature aims to make desktop backgrounds more “livable” by adjusting the perception of depth, making some wallpaper appear as if they’re popping out when you move your cursor or device. Your background may shift or move when you move your device or interact with the screen using a mouse.

Windows 11’s future update may add a touch of “parallax effect” to the desktop background where the wallpaper image moves slower than the screen’s content. This, often seen in modern web pages, provides a captivating illusion of depth, making the user interface feel more alive.

Windows Latest understands Microsoft is internally testing new ways to personalize the desktop background. However, it is worth noting that some of the upcoming AI features may work best with modern hardware only.

For example, the “AI depth wallpapers” feature should be better on devices with appropriate sensors to detect movement. However, it won’t be limited to just tablets as the feature can work with a cursor/mouse movement too.

More AI features coming to Windows 11

That’s not all. AI-depth wallpaper feature is not the end of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence investments in Windows. For example, one of the latest updates for Windows 11’s app store added a new AI Hub, an AI-powered section that highlights apps powered by AI in some way.

Microsoft Store AI Hub
AI Hub in Microsoft Store | GIF Courtesy:

The reviews are powered by AI too. In the new Store version, which shipped earlier this month, Microsoft added a new “AI reviews” section that summarizes all reviews to highlight user opinion.

Instead of going through positive and negative reviews, you can rely on the Store’s AI reviews, which appear to be a useful parameter to decide if the given app is good or not.

We’re told Microsoft is reportedly testing AI in MS Paint, with the classic graphics editor getting Bing AI’s Image generation feature.

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