ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat AI tests Continue on Phone for Android and iOS

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Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI, the free version of ChatGPT GPT-4, is getting a new feature that would let you resume conversations on your mobile device. This new feature, “Continue on Phone,” promises a smooth transition from desktop to mobile searches, ensuring users can easily pick up from where they left off.

Microsoft is testing the feature with select users, and anyone can try it by clicking the “Continue on Phone” button. Once clicked, a QR code appears on the desktop screen. This QR attempts to download the Bing app on your Android and iOS/iPhone if you do not have it installed.

If you already have the Bing app, you can open it on your phone or use any QR code scanner and scan this code. The best part? As soon as the code is scanned, the Bing Chat conversation instantly picks up where it left off on the desktop, but it works only when the app is installed.

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The “Continue on Phone” is an alternative to the existing history feature as it works in real-time and doesn’t require you to sign in.

Unfortunately, the experience is buggy in our tests as the QR code redirects users to the Play Store even when the app is already installed. As you can see in the above screenshots, the experience is pretty straightforward, but to better understand how it works, you can watch the video of Bing’s Continue on Phone experience on Vimeo recorded by us.

While the experience is buggy, Microsoft’s latest move promises a unified experience across devices. It’s already possible to use Bing Chat on Android via SwiftKey keyboard, Microsoft Edge and Bing app, but the company does not want to limit the reach of Bing AI to those who are logged in.

Not only does it streamline interactions for users hopping between devices, but it also showcases the flexibility and adaptability of the Bing Chat AI platform.

It remains to be seen how the wider public will embrace this feature. Its introduction sets a new standard for cross-device compatibility and seamless user experience in AI chatbots.

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