Windows 10 KB5028166 issues; games lag, broken enterprise network

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Microsoft’s string of botched-up Windows Updates is not coming to an end. KB5028166, the latest update for Windows 10, is causing headaches for enterprises and users. This update is causing network issues for many users in the enterprise, and Microsoft is reportedly aware of the situation.

One issue that enterprise customers highlighted is a bug that broke SMB Secure Channel communication between Synology Directory Server (SAMBA/AD) and Windows 10’s latest updates.

Users flagged the issues on our forums, Reddit, and Feedback Hub. One enterprise firm even confirmed these reports, further corroborating the widespread nature of the problem. An example of the problems users are facing was shared by a user on Reddit, revealing the impact of the update on their work:

“After the recent Win10/11 updates, our Windows 10 22H2 clients failed to establish a secure channel with the domain controller running on our Synology. This issue was initially highlighted by users who were unable to connect via Remote Desktop (RDP) due to NLA errors. All attempts to fix this, including unjoining/rejoining the domain or running Test-ComputerSecureChannel -Repair -Verbose, proved unsuccessful.”

Further, multiple users reported that the KB5028166 update prevented many Windows 10 22H2 users from connecting to their networks. In a post on Feedback Hub, one user urged Microsoft to halt the update roll-out and address network vulnerabilities.

Similar issues have been observed on the Windows 11 July 2023 update. However, most reports have emerged from Windows 10 users, as it’s more prevalent among enterprise users.

KB5028166 is slowing down PCs, games

Beyond the enterprise world, gamers have also been hit by Windows 10’s July 2023 update. Several users reported their games and apps becoming laggy after the update.

“The latest update has slowed my PC to a crawl, with Chrome and other apps taking minutes to open. Webpages are often delayed or display a ‘page not responding’ message,” a user reported.

Users report that their games and apps have become noticeably laggy since the KB5028166 installation. Even popular games, such as Cyberpunk, that previously ran smoothly are now fraught with annoying loading pauses and disappearing icons, which negatively affects the gaming experience.

The update has generally slowed down systems, leading to a surge in user frustration. Users face performance issues even after attempts to restore speed by clearing caches, running system scans, and rebooting their devices.

Some have even considered shifting to Linux, despite the potential challenges in software compatibility for their work apps.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update, KB5028166, is causing widespread network disruptions and performance glitches for enterprise users and gamers. The tech giant has been urged to fix these issues promptly before releasing new patches, but the company has not responded.

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