Microsoft is bringing more Android apps to Windows 11

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Microsoft remains fully committed to Windows Subsystem for Windows 11 and is bringing more Android apps and games to the desktop operating system. The Amazon Appstore recently made its way to 30 regions and markets, and Amazon has just opened the Appstore for more developers.

Microsoft officials believe the move could bring more Android apps and games to Windows 11 via Amazon’s AppStore. Allowing developers to publish their apps to the Amazon store and bring them to Windows 11 could significantly fix the ‘app gap’ problem of the Microsoft Store or platform.

Amazon’a AppStore has already added several popular titles to Windows 11’s growing Android store. This includes TikTok, Audible, Hungry Shark Evolution, Epic Seven and several other games or apps. These games have arrived on Windows 11 without creating a separate app for desktop.

Windows 11 Android Subsystem update
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

“We look forward to many more Android apps and games launching on Amazon Appstore for Windows 11,” the company said.

Windows 11’s Android subsystem gets a big July update

In addition to support for more apps and games, Windows 11 subsystem for Android has been improved with a significant update, adding multiple new features. The July 2023 preview update brings WSA to 2306.40000.1.0 update is now available to those who have subscribed to the preview program.

Regarding performance, Microsoft claims the WSA now turns on “partially running mode”, which could make it run faster on devices with limited resources, such as 16GB of RAM or 8GB of RAM.

One of the most significant changes in the update is related to camera compatibility, which allows Android apps to access the camera hardware better.

Microsoft has also enabled support for improved full-screen mode, which can be activated by pressing F11. It now displays a hover taskbar, improving the mouse and touch experience. This feature gives users a more immersive and interactive experience with Android apps on Windows.

Likewise, it is now possible to connect Android apps to devices on the same network under ‘Advanced settings – Experimental features’, replacing the previous ‘Advanced Networking’.

Here’s the complete list of all significant changes shipped in the July 2023 update for Windows 11’s Android Subsystem:

  • WSA now shows a prompt if an app attempts to use permission that the subsystem does not have. This improves transparency and user control over privacy settings.
  • Microsoft is switching to EXT4 from EROFS for read-only disks, which can potentially enhance system performance and compatibility.
  • Microsoft has fixed a bug where OneDrive folders do not appear in Android apps.
  • WSA update extends support for drag-and-drop features to include more file types.
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode has been updated with support for more UI buttons. This will likely enhance the usability and functionality of this multitasking feature.
  • Stability fixes for ARM devices and a Linux kernel update to version 5.15.104.

The last update for WSA added support for file transfer and today’s release has a lot of changes that should make Android integration even better on the desktop platform.

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