Microsoft tests Bing AI on Safari and Chrome, teases new features

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Microsoft’s Bing AI has been available online since February but only works for Edge. That’s because Microsoft saw Bing’s exponential growth as an opportunity to push Windows 11’s default browser to more people. This could change soon as the tech giant finally prepares to expand Bing AI support.

Bing AI will become available in all major web browsers, including Safari and Chrome, in a few days. I can confirm that Microsoft briefly tested Bing AI support in Apple’s Safari over the weekend, but the support was rolled back in seconds. A Microsoft support staff confirmed the company tested expanded Bing AI support with some users.

In our tests, we noticed that Bing AI beta in Safari seems to be the same experience as the existing site in Microsoft Edge. By bringing Bing AI to more browsers, Microsoft could increase the market share of the search engine and explore new ways to push users to Edge via Bing. This could be a big win for the adoption of Bing.

Microsoft teases big Bing AI updates

In an email to some Microsoft account holders, including ours, the Redmond giant asked for feedback from Bing mobile users. The feedback form seems to suggest new features are on the way to Bing, including new AI tool recommendations – Bing can soon suggest AI apps or tools for users.

Microsoft is also considering a new community dedicated to the AI community.

“A platform for users to interact, discuss, and learn about AI  with each other,” the feedback form reads.

Another change could turn on support for “characters with personalities in Bing AI”. This is similar to an experimental feature, “Modes”, we previously spotted in Bing.

Bing can mimic human-like personalities like Elon Musk as part of the character update. This could result in a “more engaging experience”, according to the tech giant.

Finally, Microsoft may reduce limitations and cut down on restrictions within Bing Chat, allowing more “flexibility” and increased performance and reliability.

“Enhancements to the speed, accuracy, and consistency of AI functions,” Microsoft noted.

We don’t know when the company will begin rolling out these Bing AI updates, but the search engine is expected to gain support for plugins in a future release.

Plugins support like ChatGPT was confirmed at Build 2023 developer conference, where Microsoft announced Bing-powered Windows Copilot for Windows 11. With plugins and Windows Copilot, Microsoft could deeply integrate Bing into the operating system and significantly improve its market share.

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